Population : 18 000 inhabitants
Altitude : 383m
Superficie : 2.38 km2
Canton: Vaud
Official language: french
Tipping  Prices in hotels, restaurants, taxi fares, etc., are calculated to include taxes and service. A tip, therefore, is not indispensable, but justified for good service.
Money Swiss Francs (CHF). 1 CHF is divided in 100 centimes.
Exchange: 1 euro = CHF 1,15  / 1 dollar = 0,90.-CHF 

Tourism Office : Tel :  +41 848 86 84 84
·          www.vevey.ch
·          www.montreux-vevey.com  

Museums :

Alimentarium food museum: www.alimentarium.ch Created by Nestlé, the food museum illustrates the different stages of the path travelled by food as it moves from the producer to the consumer: production, processing, preparation and consumption.
Swiss Camera Museum: www.cameramuseum.ch The Swiss Camera Museum in Vevey exhibits cameras and photographs from their day of invention until today. The museum is located in a historic building on Place du Marché.
Musée historique de Vevey : www.museehistoriquevevey.ch This museum, founded more than one hundred years ago,  is within this historical and charming framework that revives, by its varied collections, the past of the area, from the Celtic to our days. 

Excursions : 

Mont – Pèlerin : www.goldenpass.ch
The funicular railroad through vineyards, orchards and forests is the most comfortable means of transportation to Mont-Pèlerin. High above Lake Geneva, this mountain is blessed with the most beautiful views. The “Plain Ciel” Lift guarantees even greater viewing pleasures.  

Boats : 

The Compagnie Générale de Navigation du Léman offer you transports Through the Leman Lake with big Big steamers ‘Belle Epoque’ www.cgn.ch.
Crossings connects the towns of Montreux, Le Bouveret, Si-Gingolph or Lausanne.
Cruises :
Gourmet cruise : Taste a delightful menu while discovering the Geneva lake wonderful scenery. Gourmet delicacy on the water. The subtle mix between riparian escape and gastronomy. For the pleasure of your eyes and of your taste buds.
Wonderful alpine scenery : Duration : 2h 
A cruise while admiring the Alps and the beauty of the Riviera.  

Going out in Vevey : 

Looking for a place to eat ? 
·          Restaurant du raisin, (3 place du marche) : brasserie, all sorts of food
·          Les 3 sifflets, (1 rue du simplon) : popular café, seasonal menu 

Looking for a place to have a drink ?
Le National, (9 rue du Torrent) : café design, friendly atmosphere 

Events : 

Street artists festival (end of august) : www.artistesderue.ch The Street Artists Festival brings together some thirty groups of artists who present about 200 shows free of charge during this three-day festival. The old town of Vevey transforms itself into a vast big top of jugglers, acrobats, contortionists, fire-eaters, mimers and artists from all over the world, performing for the enjoyment of young and old.