Population : 23’000 inhabitants
Altitude: 400 m 
Superficie :  33.40 km2
Canton: vaud
Official language: french 
Tipping: Prices in hotels, restaurants, taxi fares, etc., are calculated to include taxes and service. A tip, therefore, is not indispensable, but justified for good service.
Money: Swiss Francs (CHF). 1 CHF is divided in 100 centimes.
Exchange: 1 euro = CHF 1,15 / 1 dollar = 0,90.-CHF 

Tourism Office : Tel : +41 848 86 84 84
·          www.montreuxriviera.com
·          www.montreux-vevey.com 

Highlights :
Riviera vaudoise : This is one of the most spectacular regions in Switzerland, with its hillside vineyards in the Lavaux region overlooking the lake, which opens up on a magnificent Alpine panorama. You will attracted by its setting and its particularly mild microclimate.
Castle of Chillon: www.chillon.ch An architectural jewel located in the most beautiful setting imaginable , between the shores of Lake Geneva and the Alps.
Freddy Mercury's statue: there is his commemorative monument in Montreux where he lived his last years
Casino de Montreux : www.lucienbarriere.com The famous Casino welcome you in a luxurious atmosphere with a panoramic view on the lake and the Alps. 
Musée national suisse de l’Audiovisuel : www.audiorama.ch The exhibitions of the l'Audiorama pay homage to the pioneers of sound and image and to their visionary inventions.


By mini-trains:
Mini train LAVAUX EXPRESS : www.lavauxexpress.ch
is offering you a wonderful landscapes of the vineyard in terraces, UNESCO world heritage.
Le Lavaux panoramique: www.lavaux-panoramic.ch
This pleasant mini train is goign through the villages of Chexbres, Saint-Saphorin, Rivaz and Chardonne in the centre of the vineyards.

Excursions by train :  
GoldenPass Montreux – Lucerne : www.goldenpass.ch
GoldenPass connect  Montreux to  Lucerne via Château-d’Oex, Gstaad and Interlaken. A travel of 5 hours, in panoramic car  through Swiss's most picturesque landscapes.
Train du Chocolat : www.mob.ch This train will bring you  from Montreux to Gruyères and Broc. During this journey discover how Gruyere cheese is made at the demonstration cheese dairy. In Broc you will see  how chocolate is made at the Cailler-Nestlé factory. 
Rocher-de-Naye : www.chablais.fr The cogwheel connect  Montreux to Rochers-de-Naye (2042 m) in 55 minutes, from a landscape of palms to the rares Edelweiss.


Boats :

The Compagnie Générale de Navigation du Léman offer you transports through the Leman Lake as well as cruises with big steamers ‘Belle Epoque’ www.cgn.ch.
The crossings connects Le Bouveret, St-Gingolph, Vevey and Lausanne. 
Cruises : 
Wonderful Alpine scenery: Duration : 2h 
Discover all the beauties of the Top-lake during an escapade of two hour. By following Riviera, you will see the Castle of Chillon and you will have an exceptional panorama on the les Dents du Midi. 


Going out in Montreux : 

Looking for a place to eat?
·          Caveau des vignerons, (30 rue Industrielle), local wines, fondue
·          La Rouvenaz, (1 Rue du Marché) : italian food, pleasant atmosphere
·          La Palais oriental, (6 Quai Ansermet) : lebanese cuisine, decoration unforgettable 

Looking for a place to have a drink ? 
·          White horse pub, (28 Grand rue) : the oldest pub in Montreux, warm atmosphere
·          Mayfair, (52 Grand-rue) : café design, Dj live music

Events :

·          Montreux Jazz Festival (July) : www.montreuxjazz.com This festival welcome many jazz rock and blues talents. Festival was visited by celebrities like Ella Fitzgerald, Eric Clapton, Sting, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles.
·          Christmas Market (december) : www.montreuxnoel.com By the lake the most beautiful Christmas market with its 150 artisans and merchants. Many gift ideas, chalets decorated and illuminated. The warm atmosphere and musical entertainment. Tastings culinary du country and our guest in a warm atmosphere.